Welcome to the Vocal Studio of Pamela Mary!

"Equipping Singers to Shine on Stage"

Personalized vocal coaching allows you to expand your range, gain breath control, learn helpful techniques, and get expert guidance tailored to your voice and goals, whether you want to ace your next musical theatre audition or take your vocal talents to new heights. With a customized approach focused on your needs, vocal lessons provide you with the skills and confidence to unlock your full vocal potential.


Musical Theatre Auditioning

Do you want to land a dream role in a musical? Pamela Mary has extensive experience as a director, choreographer, and music director, as well as training with several Broadway casting directors (Dave Clemmons, Jay Binder, Kevin Cahoon), so she knows how to help you with the dos and don'ts of your next audition and how to make you stand out from another face in the chorus line!

Live Music Performance

Would you like to up-level your performance skills to really connect with and wow your audiences? Ms. Pam has worked with top notch live music producers to the stars, Tom Jackson and Amy Wolter, and can help enhance your live music performance to really connect with your audience!

Confidence for Performers

Do you struggle with anxiety holding you back from putting your best foot forward at auditions? Do you have stage fright when you perform that you'd like to gain control over? Dr. Pamela Kiefer has a Doctorate in Psychology specializing in performance psychology, and she can help you learn to manage your anxiety and develop your performance confidence!


Are you trying to find your own voice? Pamela Mary has had the privilege of studying with master style coach and 10x Grammy winner, Claude McKnight of Take 6, and she has also performed in a variety of styles herself. She will help you develop your own style to really shine on stage!


* In-Studio Vocal Producing

* Song Staging/Choreography

* Artist Development


Pamela Mary

Pamela Mary helps vocalists, performing and recording artists, and aspiring musicians by providing them with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and key music industry contacts critical to thrive in the world of music.

She is a private vocal instructor, audition coach, performance coach, live music producer, & studio vocal producer specializing in country, pop, rock, CCM, and musical theatre genres.

Houston Music News named Pamela "ONE OF TEXAS' TOP VOCAL COACHES."

Pamela has provided artist development, vocal coaching, live music production, and vocal production for several artists, including the TCMA nominated “Songwriter of the Year” & JMA “Female Vocalists of the Year” WINNER country music duo Wild Fire, and JMA & TCMA nominated “Songwriter of the Year” & “Male Vocalist of the Year” country artist, Will Carter.

Pamela Mary performed with Will Carter and the Will Carter Band for 4 years. Over the last decade-and-a-half, she continues to fill in with 80s cover band, The Lost Boys. She has co-written and recorded songs with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Michael "My'Kill" Calderon, and CCM, pop, & country songwriters/producers Tquan Moore, Rob Iutzwig, Nash Overstreet, Shane Stevens, Clay Mills, Marty Dodson, Victoria Banks, Marti Jane, Jason Duke, Bart Busch, and many more. She released a her solo project in 2020.

She is a two-time NATS Intercoastal division college musical theatre winner, KCACTF nominee, and BTP alumni.

Pamela earned a Bachelor’s in Musical Theatre, a Master’s in Psychology (w/ an emphasis in ADHD and music psychology), and a Doctorate in Psychology (w/ a specialty in neuropsychology and performance psychology). She also trained with master vocal coach, Tom McKinney (Beyoncé, Maddie & Tae), in musical theatre and commercial voice and became one of his associate teachers. Furthermore, Pamela has also had the privilege of working with master vocal coach, #BrettManning (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban), and has studied his Singing Success methods. In addition, she is a member of Dave Kusek's (CEO Berklee Music) New Artist Model as well as Kusek’s and Rick Barker's (Taylor Swift, FGL, RaeLynn) Indie Artist Network.

In the musical theatre field, Pamela has served as director, choreographer, music director, stage manager, teacher, and performer at various professional and community theatre companies across Houston and Florida.

Just a few of Pamela Mary's theatre credits include "Jekyll & Hyde" (Ens) at TUTS, A Wonderful Life (Ens) at TUTS, "Scrooge" (Mrs. Fred) at TUTS HSMT, "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Ens) at Musical Theatre of Houston, "Grease" (Rizzo), "Annie," (Lily), "Seussical" (Mayzie), "While Childhood Slept" (Vera), "Oliver" (Nancy), "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" (Milly), "Footloose" (Ariel), etc.

Whether a musical theatre performer or recording artist, Pamela Mary will help guide you along your musical journey.

“Helping you become the performer, everyone wants to cast.”

“Equipping Singers to Shine on Stage.”


The BEST vocal coach! My girls have learned so much from her! Highly recommend!!


Susan Iutzwig (www.wildfiresings.com)

Brock and Brynne both have been blessed by Mrs. Pam’s coaching and mentoring in their lives! She is the Best Musical Theatre Coach in the City!!!


Kelly Burnett

I am a professional singer & I wouldn’t send my niece anywhere else!!!!


Renee Edd

Pam is an amazing coach! If your child's passion is singing and/or musical theater, she will get them to shine....


Martha Saker

Ms. Pam is very patient and kind. She has helped my daughter find her voice and given her strength to sing on stage. Abby is a better performer because of Ms. Pam.


Ginnapher Barger

Ms. Pam has taken my child from a kid who was unsure and certainly not capable of singing and performing her songs to a kid that loves singing and is enjoying her time onstage! Thank you for all you do!!!


Stacey Focke

Great vocal training session with Pamela... if you need a great voice coach, check her out! I'm glad I did :). She's super sweet and extremely talented!


Shina Reynolds (author A Light in the Sky)

Pamela Mary my girl! #bestvocalcoachever


Robert Rice (Twelve Years Driven)

Ms. Pam is a phenomenal vocal coach. She has helped my daughter in many ways, and lessons with Ms. Pam have given her a tremendous boost in confidence. We have used other voice coaches in the area and truly believe that Ms. Pam is the best!


Audra Olson

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Pam on audition material for musicals. After a few short sessions, my material was polished and audition ready! Ms. Pam's background in performance and psychology allows her to customize a unique approach tailored for each specific student. You simply will not find a more professional, more qualified, and all around amazing person for all of your vocal instruction needs!


Brandon Paul Hobratschk

She is fantastic! After watching my daughter take lessons for a year and really start to shine, my teenage son thought he’d try out one lesson to see if it was fun. He was immediately hooked and after a few short months, he has had amazing auditions and gotten some great roles. Both kids love her and love to sing for her. It is obvious she has passion for what she does and she really loves the kids. She is an excellent vocal coach and has helped them reach their true potential.


Carmen Visus

There are lots of voice teachers in lots of cities, but Pam is one of the absolute few I would trust in Houston for pop/musical theatre. She teaches proper technique and creates incredible, sustainable results that set you on the right path to have a healthy, stunning sound. When I moved to Seattle, I asked if she knew anyone she trusts. If I could take with anyone in the world, she's one of the few I would trust. You just need to hear her students to understand the incredible work she does.


Taylor Moessinger